Plant Silhouettes for a Cause

On Thursday, there is Bunnings Capalaba Ladies DIY Night and in a supportive effort towards breast cancer patients, the Redlands Breast Cancer Support Group will perform its yearly Mini Field of Women there.

People had been motivated to be a part of the event, in order to support someone who suffered from breast cancer, as stated by Wendy King, the founder of the support group.

Wendy said, "The event aims to bring awareness, especially to younger women and men, that breast cancer could touch anybody".

The event, which will start at 6pm, will include a silent walk. Afterwards, 100 pink, white and blue silhouettes will be planted in a garden specially made at the venue to represent those diagnosed with breast cancer.

The event also aims at raising funds for the cancer charity. One can sponsor a silhouette for $20 and can attach a message to it. The message could be of support, hope or commemoration. The pooled money will be employed by Breast Cancer Network Australia to aid those suffering with breast cancer.

Other planned fundraising event include Chicks at the Flicks movie night at Birch Carroll and Coyle Capalaba on Monday starting at 6.30pm and a Pink Ribbon Breakfast at the Wishing Well Caf at Victoria Point, on Saturday from