Breakthrough in Malaria

In a massive discovery of recent time related to malaria, scientists have found out the way the parasite that causes malaria is able to resist the drug that is used to fight it. The discovery was made by researchers at the University of Edinburgh.

The scientists have taken a note of the gene that is responsible for the resistance that is shown by the parasite and the infection it causes. The parasite is known to counter the drug artemisinin.

It is a well-known fact that artemisinin is used over chloroquine in countries where the parasite has shown immense resistance to treatment. The mutated parasite is known to affect around 500 million people around the world in a year. It is also responsible for fatality among millions of children in Africa.

The researchers would be now thinking of using this information to look into other ways of treatment against malaria. Dr. Paul Hunt from the University of Edinburgh has announced that the discovery would help in opening up new horizons in the fight against the highly fatal disease malaria.

He added that the new breakthrough would be a major helping hand in keeping a track of the highly fatal disease that is known to evolve time and again.