Beaches Pass Water Quality Check

The Government scientists have found that the water quality around Manx beaches is improving, thanks to sewage clean up scheme.

Some of the samples taken from 19 beaches are given excellent ratings. The beaches, which have been rated as excellent or good, as based on the samples taken between May and September, include those at Douglas, Onchan, Castletown, Derbyhaven, Port St Mary and Port Erin.

The increase in the quality of water of beaches is contributed by IRIS (Integration and Recycling of the Island's Sewage) scheme. The water examination was conducted by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture's Environmental Protection Unit (EPU).

The improvement in water quality for bathing in the areas linked to the existing IRIS network was what the island required and would be supplied under the Regional Sewage Treatment strategy, as stated by Tim Crookall, Chair of The Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority.

Dr. Phil Styles of the EPU said, “It is pleasing to note the number of samples, which achieved the excellent or good standard in those areas which are connected to IRIS and where untreated sewage is no longer continuously discharged into the sea”.

He added that the prevalence of bacteria in some samples may be contributed by the wash off from farmland or other polluted sources such as septic tanks. He hoped for a continual environmental improvement with the extension of the IRS programme to the rest of the island.