Mac Museum collection fetches $10K in auction

Mac Museum of Franklin Park, New Jersey, which has a rare collection of vintage Macintoshes, fetched $10,000 in an auction on eBay.

The Mac Museum was put on sale last week by its curator Gil Poulsen, who began collecting the rare items when people gave him old items, sometimes in place of payment for jobs.

The museum has models like that of the Lisa, the Mac 128K, the Mac Plus, Color Classic, Mac Portable, the TAM and the SE/30. It addition it has Newtons and several supporting items along with marketing materials.

The listing on eBay expressly required that the rare collection be sold en masse. Poulsen expressed hope that the new owner would make the collection more open to the members of public.

The museum, which took over the basement of Poulsen's house, was not open to the members of public except in the form of a photo gallery.

The auction attracted as many as 24,000 visits, and the sale happened following a total of twenty bids.