A New Hope for Couples Opting IVF

A new method has been developed by scientists to help couples who opt for IVF treatment. The new discovery would definitely bring a smile on the faces of countless couples looking for a way to have a baby of their own.

The new method was developed by the scientists at the University of Melbourne and Repromed. The new technique would allow doctors to check up on the health of an embryo and choose the healthiest embryo that would improve the chances of success in an IVF procedure.

The technique related to the procedure revolves around to check the highest consumer of glucose among embryos for the initial five days. The embryo that happens to consume the highest quantity of glucose is determined to be the healthiest and the one that would likely help in a successful pregnancy.

The new procedure has already been tested upon 50 couples, out of whom 32 women became pregnant and 28 were able to deliver the babies successfully. The new discovery would be a blessing for infertile couples who would be planning to opt for an IVF procedure.

The research work related to the discovery was headed by the head zoologist of the University of Melbourne, Professor David Gardener.