Kolontar to be Evacuated Following Discovery of New Breach in Reservoir

Evacuation is being carried out at Kolontar, a Hungarian village which is near to a sludge spill from the factory responsible for the flooding. The sludge is made up of toxic material and is very dangerous for human health.

The authorities had ordered a complete evacuation of the village at 7A. M on Saturday Morning. The evacuation was ordered following the discovery of even worse damages in the reservoir of the toxic sludge that has caused the flooding.

The towns that have suffered the most because of the spill are Kolontar and Devecser, the towns have been damaged greatly because of the catastrophe at the reservoir of an alumina plant in Ajka. The towns have been affected by the flooding of up to 700,000cubic meters of the reddish sludge.

According to Tania Page of Al Jazeera the reservoir has suffered minor damage on the northern walls, but still the residents of the village are being evacuated for precautionary measures. Ms. Page has also further reported that the area has been cordoned off by the police officials and is providing refuge to the evacuees in a sports hall.

However, there is some relief as the Disaster Unit Chief Tibor Donson has announced that no new sludge has yet leaked from the reservoir till now.

The number of dead, ever since the flooding by sludge has reached seven.