U.K Needs an Upgrade on the Beds in Intensive Care

According to a report published by the Lancet, the U. K is not well prepared to face a natural calamity or an adverse disaster. The reason being stated by the Lancet for their declaration is that the number of beds in the intensive care units was too low.

If compared to the rest of the developed nations, the number of beds per 10,000 persons in Germany was 24, while the number of beds per 10,000 persons in the UK was a minute 3.5. Experts related to the Lancet had stated that the demand for intensive care beds in the U. K would likely rise in the near future as there is an ever-increasing ageing population in the country.

Dr. Gordon Rubenfeld from the Sunnybrook Health Sciences centre in Toronto while talking about the demand for intensive care beds stated that the Government would need a substantial investment to suffice the need for the demand of increased number of beds, especially in the intensive care units.

Dr. Rubenfeld further added that the UK was definitely among the developed countries with the lowest ratio of intensive care beds to the number of people. The capacity of the health-services in the UK because of this very reason would face immense challenges in combating a natural calamity or a widespread disaster.