Apple releases firmware updates to fix MacBook charging issues

Apple’s previous generations of the MacBook and MacBook are receiving a couple of firmware updates for the system management controller (SMC).

Apple said it released the update to fix problems that hindered the systems from charging with company’s newest power adaptors with the "L-shaped" magsafe connector.

The list of affected computer includes 13-inch MacBook (late 2007), 17-inch MacBook Pro (2008), 15-inch MacBook Pro (2008), 13-inch MacBook (2008) and 13-inch MacBook (late 2008).

The downloadable updates, which should be available via Software Update for relevant system, are around 880KB in size.

The updates demand OS X 10.5.8, or OS X 10.6.4 or later, and will require a restart for installation.

At the time of installation of the update and reboot, users at the start will see a gray screen with a progress bar. The system's fans may also blow at full speed during this time.

Any probable power outage during the firmware update may render the system useless. Thus the users are required to either have their battery installed and charged to a minimum of 25 per cent or to have the power adapter connected.