The UK Tax Wizard helps taxpayers precisely calculate taxes

The UK Tax Wizard, Arbor Media's first application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is now available on the iTunes store.

The UK Tax Wizard helps the taxpayer to precisely calculate personal income taxes and National Insurance contributions. The comprehensive application is a sophisticated tax calculator engine that has been designed keeping in view HMRC's complex tax system. It considers all big or small factors while calculating taxes.

HMRC takes all factors into accounts while calculating taxes. It differentiates taxpayers on the basis of age, marital status, visual impairment, how an individual earn their income, if he/she owns a car and all that.

All of the above mentioned factors are taken into account by the UK Tax Wizard while calculating personal income taxes, which makes the application the most comprehensive tax application available for the UK taxpayers.

UK Tax Wizard not only precisely calculates personal income taxes, but also scans the data to detect any omission to provide users with for saving on taxes. Furthermore, it provides its users with income, National Insurance and taxes.

Arbor Media, a division of Modus Priori Research Pvt. Ltd., said that the application was designed with an aim to simplify personal finance for the common man.