Health Department Offers Pay-Hike

Following the agreement made by the support staffers to conclude their work-to-rule campaign. The State Government offered the employees a hike in their pays. The workers had initiated their campaign around a month ago to strive for better work conditions and an increase in their salaries.

The Health Department in a bid to woo the workers has decided to re-consider their previous proposal of $19 a week hike to an extra $27 a week. The head of the Health Department, Kim Snowball stated that the hike in the pay has been offered in goodwill following the agreement of the health workers to stop their agitation.

He further expressed hope from the offer by announcing that the Health Department was expecting a fruitful outcome from the new raise that has been offered by the authorities to the workers. He also wished that everything would be resolved without heading back to the Industrial Relations Commission.

However, Carolyn Smith, the assistant secretary of the Miscellaneous Union in a reply to the offer seemed unappeased by stating that the hike was just a rise in pay by 10 cents an hour. She added that the offer by the health department was peanuts and was not an answer to the solution.

Ms. Smith further stated that the real problem was the privatization of their jobs and pay was just a secondary problem. Despite the resistance by the union, Mr. Snowball was still optimistic and hoped for a solution.