Campaigners have Hopes for More Money to Global Fund

Though the Global Fund for tuberculosis and malaria didn’t even receive the pledges for minimum amount of the funds, the campaigners for global public health are positive that donors will pool in more funds at a meeting on October 4th and 5th in New York.

In the coming three years, the Global Fund has aimed to increase the amount of funds by two-folds to $20 billion. If the same would have approved, the antiretroviral treatment for HIV had been tripled to 7.5m from 2.5m at the end of

Even there is requirement of more funds to combat malaria. As per a report appeared in the medical journal the Lancet, the works against malaria are running short of $4.9 billion funds or 60% of the total need. The study was conducted by Bob Snow of Oxford University.

Despite the need for increased funds, the pledged amount by the donor nations stood at $11.7 billion, meeting not even the minimum required threshold of $13 billion. There are high hopes from Britain to pledge for a noteworthy amount this week. The European countries also can also contribute more money, if their growth prospectus remains sound.

Paul Zeitz, head of the Global Aids Alliance also expected American taxpayers to commit more to the Global Fund.

“With the fewer funds, existing schemes will not be cut, but calls the shortfall a blow to planned new ones”, said Michel Kazatchkine, the Global Fund’s boss