High Costs Making Parents Forgo Recommended Care for their Insured Children

A survey in Ohio has found out that parents with private health insurance often don’t get their children recommended care by pediatrician because it pinches on their pockets, as compared to those with public health insurance.

The findings of the survey were presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco on October 3.

The survey was conducted on 1,978 parents in the premises of pediatricians in 2009 and covered three Ohio counties. The participants were asked about their income, type of insurance and ability to access medical care for their children.

The children of nearly 61% of the patients were covered under private health insurance and 39% had public insurance, as per the survey. About 13% of the parents said that they didn’t get their children, the doctor suggested care in concerns of deductibles, co-pays and other costs.

The major sufferers were those with yearly household income less than $74,999. Those receiving incomes between $15,000 and $34,999, about 26.2% with private insurance were underinsured, while the figure was 17.7% for those covered under public insurance. In the bracket of 35,000 to $74,999, 16.9% with private insurance were underinsured in comparison to 8.8% with public insurance. In people with income more than $75,000, no one had public insurance and 5.6% of the privately insured were underinsured.

Also, 5.5% of people did take services of recommended specialist, 4.7% didn’t undergo suggested lab test and on concern of costs, 8.7% didn’t fill a prescription. Nearly 7.8% of the people responded that due to non-accessibility to recommended care, the health of their children had suffered.