Breast cancer action group: say no to "pink ribbon" products

A Montreal breast cancer action group has urged the customers that instead of buying "pink ribbon" products, they should donate their money directly to organizations that are funding breast cancer prevention research.

Carol Secter, a board member of Breast Cancer Action Montreal, yesterday at a news conference said, "I am offended and tired of companies slapping pink ribbons on their products, when their products continue to contain known, suspected or potential carcinogens."

The group alleges that "Pink Ribbon" campaign is mainly benefitting the companies which themselves are selling products containing ingredients causing cancer.

Anne-Sophie Hamel, communications adviser to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation said that their associations is not going to accept the funds raised through the sales of products known to be associated with cancer.

A study conducted by researchers at McGill University, already been published in the e-journal of Environmental Health Perspectives yesterday, had clearly related breast cancer with the air pollution, which has The study has been done on the women who are in their post-menopausal phase living in Montreal in 1996-97.

The month of October is the breast cancer awareness month.

According to the rumors, Susan G. Komen, Breast Cancer Foundation in Dallas, Tex had launched a bra game in January.

The Komen foundation has earned a good publicity by that January bra joke.