‘In Our Own Voice’ Presentation to be Hosted by National Alliance on Mental Illness Group

To mark the Mental Health Awareness Week, a presentation called 'In Our Own Voice' will be hosted by the student-led National Alliance on Mental Illness group of Oklahoma City University.

The venue for the event will be the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center at the corner of Florida Avenue and NW and will start at 6 p. m. There will be no entry charges for the public.

Video footages, debate, and experiences of the people suffering from mental illnesses will be the main features of the interactive presentation.

Mental problems can be described as medical illnesses and it is apposite to note that one out of four adults suffer from a mental health problem in life. One out of 17 people live with severe and persistent mental disorder.

The main aim of the event would be to help people understand the situation of those people who have some kind of mental illness and how they try hard to lead a productive life.

Ratan Bhavnani, who is the Executive Director of NAMI Ventura, said that mental illness directly affects several people in the society, but the good part is that many mental illnesses can be treated and the person can recover.

The bad part is that many states and districts do not provide much fund, which in turn adversely affects the services.