Obama Administration Issues Waivers to About 30 Insurers

Striking fresh alternations in the health care legislation, the officials of Obama administration has permitted a number of waivers to keep maintaining the minimal coverage that does not meet the standards of the law.

The move is an outcome of the pressure from Companies like McDonald's and some other insurers, who warned to discard markets and putting a halt on the business activities. To rescue from the warnings, the waivers have been issued from past many weeks.

A one-year waiver has been given to about 30 insurers till now. Those who have been pacified by the waivers include a few employers, some big insurers, Aetna and Cigna and McDonald's, which warned the regulations to knock out even the existing coverage of its employees.

The new legislation aims at ruling out yearly limits on coverage for limited-benefit plans called as mini-meds, but insurers raised concerns over rising premiums with the implementation of the law.

"More insurers and employers will lean on the government to delay or weaken the new regulations. I think this pressure just increases until we get to 2014", said Peter T. Harbage, a former state health official who is a policy consultant in Sacramento.

According to the policy experts, the implementation of new law depends mostly on the states and according to them federal would have meager control over the insurers' wish to keep providing coverage.