Officials Demand Ban of Sugary Beverages from Food Stamp List

It has been anticipated that Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor David Paterson will raise an appeal before U. S. Department of Agriculture on Thursday to keep some beverages in the list that to be marketed without Food Stamps.

The nation's food stamp program is governed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. In New York, more than 8 million of the total 1.7 million inhabitants are on food stamps.

As per health officials, with the inclusion of sugary beverages on the list of prohibited items such as alcohol and cigarettes, the benefits that the families drive from Food Stamp could be used to buy healthier products.

The food items such as sugar sweetened sodas contain ingredients that pose threat of obesity in children and cause problems like diabetes. With the move, the health officials are going to take, the problems like obesity and diabetes in New York are hoped to get dampened.

The move has been triggered by a key Health Department ad campaign that outlines the adverse effects of soft drinks and other beverages on health.

More than 40% of the kids of all the public schools of the city are either obese or overweight, an indication that such a scenario would attract many health related troubles to them in the future, as per the data brought out by the city.