Pension Information, a Must for Workers

A survey was carried out involving 200 Companies which found out that even less than 12% of the people were aware of pension information.

And that just 40% of the people were aware of the pension provision whenever they went in for their current jobs. Only 22% of the people knew of the workplace pension scheme before they went in for a job.

"A good pension is a vital part of any reward package. It's not a 'nice to have' or a fringe benefit, like a gym. In some cases it can be worth up to a third of annual salaryā€¯, said Joanne Segars, Chief Executive at NAPF.

She further added that all people must ensure that they have all the information about pension before they walked in for any job.

To inform someone about the pension scheme after someone has joined the office would be a very wrong thing to do.

This lack of awareness is said to be notwithstanding the fact that a noteworthy contribution has been made by 35% of the workers which means a very large part of the salary is contributed to their pension.

The survey also suggested that a pretty good amount of people were likely to take up jobs which tend to offer a good Company pension.