Protein Cocktail Increases Lifespan

A new study has found that cocktail containing proteins can boost lifetime, and can thus, serve as "elixir of life".

The scientists conducted cocktail trials on mice. The mice were given a cocktail of three different amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. It was found that the dose has enhanced the life of mice by 12%.

The amino acids namely, leucine, isoleucine and valine can also prove beneficial for prolonging human life. It is also helpful for increasing stamina and muscle co-ordination. The blend of these three amino acids is also found in health foods made for athletes.

For the effects that the cocktail generates, the team expressed that it would be helpful for people with heart failure, lung disease and conditions in which energy levels deteriorate.

But the researchers recommend that if the cocktail is taken as supplements, it will prove more beneficial, as its direct intake through food can mingle with the blood immediately.

Dr. Enzo Nisoli, from the University of Milan in Italy and the lead researcher said, "The secret of the amino acids could lie in their ability to increase the number of mitochondria, the 'electrical engines' in the cell, both in skeletal muscles and the heart".

The crew desires to conduct trials of cocktail on middle-aged humans to prove their findings. But as per Nisoli, studies on dietary supplements don’t get enough monetary support.