Motorola Co-CEO willing to use Microsoft’s new mobile phone operating system

Despite Microsoft’s recently launched lawsuit against Motorola, the chief of Motorola Inc.'s mobile-phone business Sanjay Jha said he is open to develop devices running on Microsoft's imminent Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Last Friday, Microsoft filed patent-infringement lawsuits against Motorola, claiming its Droid X and Droid 2 smartphones, along with many others, infringed nine of software patents held by Microsoft.

The lawsuits are being seen as a part of Microsoft’s efforts to slow the growth of Google's Android mobile operating system that Motorola uses exclusively in its phones. The patents in question cover functions that are crucial for the smartphone user experience like that of scheduling meetings, contacts, calendars and synchronizing email.

But, Mr. Jha on Tuesday said in an interview in San Francisco that he is willing to make use of Microsoft's new operating system if the software giant agrees on it.

Commenting on the topic, Mr. Jha said, "I am open to finding ways to work with Microsoft. But it has to be a compelling offering."

He added that some of the filed lawsuits are part of business.

Motorola wants to return its mobile-phone business to profitability in the final quarter of this year and then spin the business off along with a subsidiary producing TV set-top boxes in the first quarter of next year.