Licensed Pot User Smokes in the House of Commons

On Monday, in order to draw attention towards Health Canada’s unfair rules regarding marijuana use, Samuel Mellace started smoking joint in the public gallery of the House of Commons.

Under the Federal Government’s medical marijuana program, Samuel Mellace is a licensed pot user. Mellace refused to leave the gallery, when the security guard asked him to stop smoking.

While talking at a news conference on Parliament Hill, Mellace stated that there was nothing wrong in taking his medication in the gallery.

He said that the Government has delayed the processing of the applications for licences and has also put restrictions on the usage of medical marijuana.

In Canada, the Government has given permission to about 4,000 people to smoke medical marijuana. Mellace demands that the Government should also allow buying of marijuana-derived products, like creams and biscuits.

Mellace said, “My wife can't smoke her medication because she has lung cancer, so I make the butter and smoothies”.

He further said that it is silly that he will be sent to jail for just making his wife’s suffering less painful.

Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper thinks that there should be absolutely zero-tolerance policy on illegal drugs.

Health Canada has presently stopped the processing of the applications, because of sudden increase in the applications.