Cheers to Mutua – A Living Example of HIV Patient with Positive Outlook

Cheers to the courage of a man who despite being tested positive with tuberculosis and HIV is surviving the odds of life bravely.

Mutua, 40, a heavy machinery maintenance worker at a petrol station, was detected with HIV and tuberculosis in the early 2000s and the news was nothing less than a death for him.

He says, “My tuberculosis test came back positive and a HIV test that soon followed was also positive. The nurse who had my results threw them at me telling me to take my AIDS and go do business with it”.

He added that his struggle with life began that moment only and all his future plans seemed to have died with his dying life and he began thinking of ending his life.

His CD4 count was significantly lower than the recommended level and he was put on anti-retroviral, along with his treatment for tuberculosis. The drug swelled his body and he was prescribed another treatment, which he has been taking till now.

Mutua’s doctor gave him hope and advised him to keep reclined to the course of treatment and slowly he started accepting his condition. But, in the due course he again got affected with TB.

He remained motivated and positive about life. He started meeting his partner, who is also an HIV victim and she took care of him and both encouraged one another. He understood that interacting with others while suffering from chronic illness does leave a positive impact.