HIV Man Facing Trials for Infecting Eight Men

An HIV man, who had been accused of infecting eight men with HIV, has been put to trial in the South Australian Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported that the forty-two years old Stuart James McDonald has been charged with having sex with eight men and thus putting their lives in danger. The events of having unsafe sex are dated back to 2005.

As told by the prosecutors, all the eight men have caught by the HIV virus and now, they would have to live with the curse for whole of their lives.

All the infected men were well-versed with the fact that McDonald was an HIV patient and still they had sexual relationship with him, as stated by the prosecution.

Earlier this year, McDonald passed through a mistrial headed by Justice Margaret Nyland. She expressed that there were some errors in the proceedings of the court at that time. But, she placed McDonald at no fault for this.