Patrick Dempsey rides bike to raise money for cancer

Patrick Dempsey rode bike with a group of riders in a two-day run, walk and bike fundraiser charity program in Lewiston, Maine, this weekend to support the cause of cancer.

The event generated more than $1.1 million, and the donations from the "Dempsey Challenge" will be offering support to the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, which also is Dempsey’s birthplace.

The Grey's Anatomy fame star has sprung into action last year after his mother's experience battling cancer. The star was born in Lewiston and grew up in nearby Turner and Buckfield.

Apart from the star the major highlights of the events were Lewiston’s favorite son and other recognized cyclists such as Tour de France veterans Levi Leipheimer, Chris Horner and former pro rider Kevin Livingston rode a 50-mile course the previous day.

The event gathered more than 4,000 people for the bicycling, walking and running events held Saturday and Sunday and amidst the way, the TV doc stopped to greet, hug and hear stories from people like himself who have suffered from cancer.