U.S. to pump in more for AIDS donation

President Obama might pronounce a large increase in funds towards the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The promise to release $4 billion over the next three fiscal years for the Geneva-based firm comes for governments and donors across the world after slowing down in fund generation measures for HIV/AIDS.

Also, it has been seen that the pressure is surmounting in case of Global Funding to speeden up disbursements, slash bureaucracy, review grant proposals more critically, and strengthen monitoring and evaluation.

According to facts US is on top of the list in offering contribution towards the Global Fund, with more than $5.1 billion donated since 2002 and is also developing an "action agenda" with timelines and measurements, "so that all parties concerned ... can be held accountable," as reported by a senior administration official.

This measure seeks to keep a check on progress manually and believes the contributions to go ahead of 2013.

Paul Zeitz, executive director of the Global AIDS Alliance said, "It's a modest course correction. It is insufficient based on projected needs and fails to leverage the commitments of other nations."

John Tedstrom, CEO of the Global Business Coalition on AIDS. Tuberculosis and Malaria, whose members include Coca-Cola Co. and Chevron Corp says that the three-year binder enables the Global Fund and their private sector partners a clear line of thoughts and a proper way of to act.