Computer Savvy Should Be Careful about Skin Disease and Sexual Dysfunction

People should be more careful while operating laptops as doctors and researchers have warned common people against devastating side effects of over exposure to computer/laptops.

Especially, if any one sets his digital notebook on his lap for working more comfortably, he must take precautionary measures because different types of skin diseases like toasted skin syndrome can occur due to exposure to heat being released from laptops.

Heat coming out from the body of laptop will bake the skin. There will be a deep patch on the skin texture. Few researchers have also claimed that owing to constant usage of laptop, one can be affected by skin disease.

Drs. Andreas Arnold and Peter Itin who are well known Swiss researchers have explained that heating pad will not create the possibility of the onset of skin cancer but it can print a dark spot on the skin surface.

Finally, an anonymous researcher has suspected the possible link between sexual dysfunction and a laptop.

If a guy starts surfing the net by placing the laptop on the thighs, the heat produced from the electronic device will penetrate into the scrotum. It can obstruct the production of sperm in testicles.