Centrelink Is Not Ready to Permit David to Check Recorded Autism Related Case Studies

David Austin who is believed to be an associated professor at Melbourne's Swinburn University has started his extensive research to find the possible linkage between autism and power station fuelled coal. The recent study has shown that especially children who live close to the power station are under possible threat of autism related disease.

However, it is a matter of grave concern that he has been denied to check several case studies relating to autism which are stored in database of Centrelink.

He has not been allowed to review the case histories to enhance the further research regarding autism. It is a point of confidentiality as per the statement given by the officers of Centrelink.

David is displeased and he has stated in clear cut terms that he will shoot a petition to Jenny Macklin who is the minister for Human Services department requesting him to create pressure on Centrelink to publish data in relation to the autism related case studies. Centrelink is ready to give him the total number of autism affected child patients. David told reporters that he needed research materials and information instead of getting only total number of autism related case studies.