Bonsoy Milk sued in Australia

After a health scare which involved Bonsoy milk, the researchers have issued a warning over the iodine levels in imported food. Last week, 25 people filed a suit at Supreme Court, against Bonsoy's Australian representative claiming damages for health problems.

They claim that due to the high level of iodine in Bonsoy milk, they have developed severe health issues.

The details case studies of people, who suffered serious health issues due to the Bonsoy milk, were published by Medical Journal of Australia today.

The cases were recorded by the researcher's team leader, Dr Bronwyn Crawford. Another member of the team, Dr Diana Learoyd who belongs to Sydney University commented that the iodine levels in commercially available seafood and imported food should be monitored before it is made available for public consumption. A warning has been issued by The Australian Medical Association (AMA), to check for iodine level, before the consumption of any food, especially seafood.

When contacted, the company responded with an acknowledgment of legal action. Bonsoy's Australian representative, Spiro Foods said that the products, which are currently in the market has been approved and completely tested by the highest food authority of Australia.