“Healthy” Technology – An App for Detecting Breast Cancer

A mobile application detecting breast cancer seems strange, but the findings of a research have recommended that the women in Scotland can monitor their breast on a regular basis with the help of a new mobile phone application.

The cancer charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer in Scotland carried out a survey and discovered that nearly 47% of the women responded that they were not examining their breasts regularly for bumps or other signs of breast cancer.

About 42% failed to check the signs of breast cancer, on the grounds of forgetfulness. In Scotland, breast cancer affects around 4,000 women every year, out of which 1000 succumb to it.

To encourage regular checking, the charity has introduced the iBreastCheck, a programme that will run on smartphone and MP3 players. It is UK's first one-of-its own kind app.

The app aims at improving awareness regarding breast cancer and the threats linked to it. Also, a reminder can be set on the app to test their breasts.

As per the survey, women are not informed about the causes that pose risk for breast cancer. Nearly 53% were not aware that drinking alcohol gives way to breast cancer and around half were not conscious that obesity was also one of the main reasons.

The iBreastCheck exhibits video and images and also offers the Touch Look Check (TLC) message that provides information related to what to check for breast cancer. It also provides a "risk report" feature, taking help of which, women can evaluate their risk of getting affected with breast cancer.