Survey: Newly Mothers Do Not Get Any Help because of Shortage of Maternity Staff

According to a report, a massive number of women who have just given birth to infants are striving hard to deal with them, as there is shortage of maternity staff.

It has been observed that the midwives are too occupied to help the mothers during their critical initial hours of maternity and to guide them on breast-feeding and how to hold the newborn babies.

The situation is so bad in some units that fathers are being asked to stay for the night, so as to perform tasks like bathing, which are usually carried out by the maternity personnel.

A survey by the National Childbirth Trust revealed that over half of women said that they did not receive emotional support and proper guidance on how to look after the baby and how to identify different crying sounds of the baby. About 42% said that there was a dearth of midwives in the ward, while some women did not ask for assistance thinking it would annoy them.

It was also seen that the employees were impolite, denigrating and surly.

Since, there was no help available, some mothers did not go the lavatory or have a shower fearing their won’t be anyone who will look after their baby in their absence.

Meanwhile, a Department of Health spokesman said, “The Government is working with the Royal College of Midwives, the NHS and other partners to design new provider networks to improve the quality of maternity care and extend the choices available to every pregnant woman”.