Study: Black women can cut cancer risk

A study by the US researchers shows that the vigorous exercise is very helpful in reducing the risk of breast cancer in older black women. According to the reports of Los Angeles Times the findings of the study were presented in a conference of the American Association for Cancer Research which was held in Miami.

97 black women who had already diagnosed with breast cancer and 102 women without cancer were questioned by the research team.

The study suggests that the women who had done vigorous exercise for at least 2 hours per week in the past year appeared to have a risk of breast cancer 64% less than the other women who did not engage in the exercise. Meanwhile the women having moderate exercise had a 17% less risk of cancer. The aerobics, running and other similar kind of activities are considered to be the vigorous exercise while walking is considered as the moderate exercise.

Experts say the exercise treatment is not only beneficial for the cancer but also very much effective for other diseases like diabetes hence advised the people to spend at least 2 hours of a week for exercise.