Junk Food Nearly Half of Kids' Calorie Intake

A study report by the experts shows that the diets of young people are very unhealthy but there is no way to stop the kids from taking the cakes, pizza, soda, cookies and other junk foods.

A team of researchers from the National Cancer Institute of Bethesda analyzed the data of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and found that almost 40% of the calories taken by kids aged in between 2 to 18 were the unhealthiest kind of calories also named as empty calories.

The health experts of the country are very depressed to see the reports. Meanwhile the findings of the study did not surprise some of the health experts at all and they said the reasons of the consumption of those kinds of foods are very complex to find.

Most of the health experts have blamed the manufacturers of the foods and they have also said there are so many obstacles in the way of changing the eating habits of the kids.

The other major problems are the lack of physical activities by the kids, parental and peer influences and the marketing strategy by the food industry.