Epidemiologists Search for Source of OK Salmonella

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is continuing its research over the source of the Salmonella outbreak amongst the students of Mustang Public School and other residents of Oklahoma State who felt ill by the Salmonellosis in the month of September.

According to a epidemiologist at OSDH, Laurence Burnsed has said that the Food Safety News suggests that 15 individuals have been identified as a part of the outbreak and two of the cases were included in the outbreak on Friday after the interviews were carried out with the students and their parents of the Mustang Public School.

According to Mr. Burnsed all of the cases has an onset of illness in between 2nd of September to 13th of the same month. Till now 12 students from four Mustang schools in the Canadian Country, 2 adults from the Oklahoma City and one adult from the Carter Country have been confirmed to be ill by Salmonella.

As per the report of 1st October the state health department had carried out interviews with 60 people including 15 cases and 45 non-ill controls in order to determine the exposure which could lead to illness.