Lowest Premium - Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx Plan – Announced

The largest retailer of the world, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has announced that it is going to work combined with the health insurance firm Humana Inc. to provide the cheapest prescription drug plan in the United States as the drug companies are seeking to take sales of the medicines from their rivals.

The drug companies are expected to start marketing of the plan from today onwards as a part of the health programme of the US government for the elderly and disabled patients.

The vice president of Humana Inc, William Fleming said in his statement in a conference that the policies will take effect completely from 1st January and it will cost 14.80 dollars per month which is less than half of the average premium of this year.

Both of the companies are expected rise in their sales by this programme. Humana Inc. is the second largest Medicare benefits provider in the United States just after the UnitedHealth Group Inc. The firm provides stand alone prescription plans to almost 1.7 million Americans. The health insurer is expecting a strong rise in its sales because of the popularity and marketing of Wal-Mart.