Messrs, Mattrick and Lees, Holding Responsibility of Microsoft

Stephen Elop is said to have taken up as the CEO at Nokia Corp. Also Division President Robbie Bach is due to retire this year. Robbie Bach was handling included Microsoft's mobile and games businesses, reportedly.

Following this, there has been a reshuffling in the Executive ranks at Microsoft Corp. Three new President Names have been put up for; decision is to be made as to, who is going to lead its Office.

DelBene is said to have been promoted to the post of President of the division from, senior Vice President in the group.

Similarly Don Mattrick and Andy Lees too have been promoted to become the Presidents of the Company's interactive entertainment and mobile communications businesses, correspondingly.

So, notably the responsibilities have been divided among Messrs, Mattrick and Lees.

But for now, when Microsoft's biggest cash cows, the Word and Excel have been facing challenge from the Web-only application from Google Inc, the Company had a tough time making the decision.

Matt Rosoff, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft said that Mr. Ballmer had been looking after the working of the Company ever since Mr. Elop had left has pressure on him.

And this recent move justifies the fact that he, had lately realized that he just had too much to look after; therefore he had decided to split power.