Pomegranate Juice Cuts High Blood Pressure and Reduces Beer Bellies

According to a study conducted at Edinburgh's Queen Margaret University, pomegranate juice can be helpful in reducing beer bellies. The juice can also significantly decrease high blood pressure, which is the main cause of heart disease and stroke.

For the study, many volunteers were selected and were asked to drink the pomegranate juice for a period of one month. After a month, it was found that the blood pressure in 90% of the volunteers reduced significantly.

The researchers of the study, Dr. Emad Aldujaili and Dr. Catherine Tsang, said that it is now proved that the risk of cardiovascular disease decreases considerably by drinking pomegranate juice.

Scientists also think that pomegranate juice has the power to cut the abdominal fat, also known as the ‘spare tyre’ in men, or ‘muffin top’ in women.

The researchers also say that the juice can lower the amount of fatty acid in the blood, which is also called non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA).

Dr. Aldujaili said, “We believe that these initial findings deserve more detailed study. The subjects in our latest study had a healthy body mass index, making the impact more difficult to observe”.

He also said that the future study will be done to note the effect of the juice on overweight or obese people.