Text technology to assist new mums

According to a new mother Sarah Discher, the prospect of sending new mums like her breastfeeding support through sms is a great idea to get through very emotional situations.

The first trial in the world on this proposal will be conducted in Gympie by the Queensland University of Technology. The target is to increase the breastfeeding rates in new mothers.

Mrs. Discher had herself faced difficulties during her own breastfeeding periods, and now her second child is getting all the nutritional and bonding benefits that come from feeding on breast milk.

There are many new mothers out there like her who are facing difficulties with breastfeeding and are having problems to ask for help.

According to Mrs. Discher, picking up the phone and calling up people during an emotional situation is more often than not problematic. Meanwhile, text-messaging for helpful advice and support seems like an awesome option.

The trial by the University is the first of its kind to make use of SMS to give support to breastfeeding mothers.

The text messages will be direct link to the breastfeeding mothers, who can reply to the text by saying she is having difficulties with breastfeeding, and get helpful messages immediately.