High Amount of Trans Fat Coming Back in Food Chain

When we feed our sheep and cows with lush pasture with clover and supplements like palm kernel, how can we expect to be in shape.

A recent study has suggested that most of the trans fats consumed by us are through dairy foods and red meat.

A study led by Dr. Jocelyne Benatar at the Cardiovascular Research Unit of Auckland City Hospital has put forth some changes that are to be made in the way we farm and the food we eat.

The presence of palmitelaidic acid has been found in a trans fat, which is derived from palm kernel. This study was carried out to study a lot many things other than this.

These Trans fat too have been linked with polyvascular disease together with the risk of stroke in patients. A sample from 390 patients with severe coronary disease has proved that what we have been feeding the cows is coming back to us by way of food chain.

The study too has revealed that the palm kernel-based trans fat by no ways can be originated from processed food.

"In New Zealand the palmitelaidic acid comes from our dairy foods which means what our cows are being fed is coming up through the food chain”, said Benatar.

However, there too is good news for all the New Zealanders, as it has been found that the food made New Zealand has reduced amount of trans fat levels.