BBC partners with NHK to broadcast in Super Hi-Vision

The BBC along with Japanese broadcaster NHK tested a Super Hi-Vision broadcasting that is 16 times sharper than Full HD.

The BBC delivered a Charlatans gig performed in Britain to spectators in Tokyo at a super high resolution of 7680 by 4320 pixels, which is more than 33-megapixels and 16 times better than 1080p.

The twenty-minute music video required around 4 terabytes of space. NHK produced a customized lens and Panasonic 103-inch plasma screen for viewers to watch the video.

It was not the first time when the BBC made use of this technology. Earlier in 2008, it showed off a live Super Hi-Vision feed at IBC 2008, broadcasting from Britain to Amsterdam.

In the recent experiment, only three HDTV cameras were used to broadcast in Super Hi-Vision as compared with sixteen separate HDTV cameras in the previous experiment.

Commenting on the experiment, senior engineer Takahiro Izumoto at NHK said, "This is the experiment showing we can broadcast from the UK to Japan."

NHK expects that regular broadcasters will be broadcast in Super Hi-Vision by 2020.