Senator Wants McDonald to Disclose ‘Mini-Med’ Health Plan to Senate

A top Senate Democrat, Jay Rockefeller wants that a health insurance Company that has made insurance plans for the workers of McDonald Corp. should unveil the details of the plans to the Senate.

West Virginia Senator is the Chairman of Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation and on Friday sent the request to Scott Beacham, who is the President and Chief Executive of BCS Insurance Group of Oak Brook Terrace, Ill.

In his letter, Sen. Rockefeller asked for five-year data about the carrier charges in premium amount and expenses on care. He also requested for details of the number of workers, who have reached the annual benefit caps of the plans.

The workers of McDonald at around 10,500 locations in the United States are entitled for a ‘mini-med’ limited benefit plan.

An individual worker can pay $14 per week for the plan that restricts the yearly benefits at $2,000. A single employee can also pay $32 per week to get insurance coverage of $10,000 annually.

As per the law, the insurer should pay at least 80% and 85% of their earnings on medical care, but according to the BCS Group’s plan, the Company is spending a considerably lower percentage of health-care premiums of McDonald's employees on their medical care.