A Change in Listening Experience by Monster’s Beat

An attempt to bring about a change in the listening experience, Monster's Beat's by Dr. Dre has added some five new products to the portable audio line up.

The first ever iPod-docking speaker station together with the signature headphones from basketball star LeBron James, this is the new experimentation that has been done with the Beats.

Dr. Dre said "What you're seeing today is what me and Jimmy [Geffen A&M chair Jimmy Iovine] set out to do with Beats".

Acting as both audio accessories and fashion statements, these highly priced flashy signature products are said to offer superior audio performance in their categories.

Talking of the five new offerings, the first being the BeatBox speaker system is believed to provide a never before experience with its `game-changing', portable digital sound.

For an improved range of sound, the BeatBox is said to be featuring two 5.25-inch bass drivers and 2-inch high-frequency drivers. But this is not it, as there too is a rugged ABS housing along with a built-in carrying handle.

Offering a club-like sounds experience in a tiny package, the unit too is claimed to be handling iPods and iPhones by way of a top-mounted docking port.

Headphones available in red, black, and white are said to feature a non-noise occluding eartip, just so the listener can easily pick up on the peripheral noises.