Google Launches its Car Home App

The burgeoning Android Market witnessed the successful landing of Google's car home app today.

The robust application comes in form of a built-in system application in Android. The new app is claimed to exist as a standalone application that can be easily updated separately of Android system releases.

Hence, if the technology giant needs to introduce a quick fix to the new application, it does not require unveiling a new version of the operating system to its users, much in the similar way as it did with its Gmail application.

In a bid to lure people to upgrade from the stock version, Google has pushed a spate of changes. Under the new changes, the users have a choice to rearrange the icons that are present on each page of the application.

In addition, with the car app, you can have access to two extra empty pages to add things like navigation routes, direct dialing to favorite contacts, along with other shortcuts to an array of Android applications.

The best part is that all these robust apps can be accessed very easily from your phone's home screen.

You can get the app by just snapping the QR code to the right.