15th Edition of Code of Practice Released

A set of guidelines known as Code of Practice has been released today in order to help and direct the marketing of prescription medicines in New Zealand. The organization known as Health New Zealand is responsible for the management and publishing of the set of guidelines. The Code of Practice would deal with the level of self regulatory ethics expected from pharmaceutical Companies in New Zealand.

The set of guidelines by Medicines New Zealand would be our in its 15th edition. Code of Practice, as the guidelines have been named, follow vast amounts of scrutiny from healthcare professionals’ associations, patients groups to industry experts.

According to the Chief Executive of Medicines New Zealand, Densie Wood, it is the duty of pharmaceutical Companies to provide healthcare experts with the current and fresh scientific information about their drugs. She adds that the Code of Practice ensures that the information related to medicines is effective, meet regulatory standards and are sans any adulteration.

The Code of Practice has also helped in improving the standard of marketing prescription medicine to a phenomenal level. The range of issues covered in the Code of Practice is immense and take in the point of view of a patient, to a government agency to a doctor and so on.