Queensland Health’s Payroll Systems Undergo Appraisal

The failed implementation of the payroll software systems in June led to its auditing and the results will be shared publicly in the coming November, as stated by Queensland Health.

The substandard implementation caused more than 35,000 payroll discrepancies resulting in the conduction of two independent audits.

Ernst and Young appraised the payroll system comprising WorkBrain rostering software and SAP in comparison with other common systems. Also, PriceWaterhouseCoopers evaluated the future of government IT provider CorpTech.

Paul Lucas, Queensland's Deputy Premier and Minister for Health stated that the Government had received the reports and would respond to them by the end of November by consulting them with unions and its staff.

He added that before making any public disclosure, the reports and the Government’s response would be assessed by Cabinet. Meanwhile, the department has started accessing to a local payroll model.

"We said that after consultation with staff and unions, we would move to phase in a personalised, more localised health payroll model over three months - and that's what we have done", said Mr. Lucas.

Adding to this, he said that in order to rectify the payroll system, they had been working continuously with the payroll staff and their unions.