Tea, coffee helps reducing brain cancer risk

For those who love to drink tea and coffee, there is some good news. Caffeine, a substance found in these beverages in said to provide protection against brain cancer. The drinkers, said the report, have less likelihood of developing a common form of malignant brain tumor.

The study was done on more than 500,000 European adults and it was also linked to a study that took place in US which liked higher intake of tea and coffee to gliomas- a group of brain tumor.

Glimos has been found to be present in almost 80 per cent if the malignant cancer cells found in adults.

The study, however, does not say that the two drinks provide the necessary protection.

Talking about the same, Dominique Michaud, of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and Imperial College London said that the results were very preliminary and that the study should not be used as any kind of indication for drinking tea, coffee.

He said that while the intake of the same may have some impact, it is very small. Also brain tumors in Europe are not very common. There are only 4-6 cases of the same in almost 1,000 people.