Senators and Fishing Industries Against Approval to GM Salmon

Mark Begich, who is the U. S. Senator, along with 10 other senators is trying hard to stop the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from giving a green signal to the consumption of genetically modified salmon (GM salmon).

All the senators have sent a letter to the FDA mentioning that they and other fishing industries are against the approval of GM salmon.

AquaBounty Technologies was supposed to produce the GM salmon by crossing the Atlantic salmon and a Chinook salmon, but the decision had been delayed by the FDA.

Begich referred the GM salmon as ‘Frankenfish’ and expressed worries about the safety of the product.

On Thursday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is a Republican from Alaska, said that selling unlabeled and genetically altered salmon is dangerous and the FDA should strongly consider the pros and cons before giving green signal to the fish.

Ronald Stotish, who is the Chief Executive of AquaBounty, said the delay is a setback for the Company. He also said, “This is the most studied fish in history and the meat of the AquAdvantage salmon is no different from that of other North Atlantic salmon”.

Dale Kelley, who is the Director of the Alaska Trollers Association, said that labels are very necessary; otherwise one would not know what is being served on the plate.

It is apposite to note that on Sept. 20, the FDA advisory committee said that the salmon is safe for consumption, but had to retract its decision after stern protest.