Virgin Media announces change in P2P throttling policy

Broadband provider Virgin Media announced on Thursday that it would introduce throttling on its network for those who use peer-to-peer (P2P) services.

Until now the broadband provider had been throttling only heavy users who cause a problem on the network. But, by September next year, all users using P2P will have that traffic throttled at a certain time of a day. The introduction of this throttling will also affect Usenet users.

How tight the restrictions on P2P and Usenet will be at a certain time will depend on the overall load on the network. However, the new system will reserve a minimum of 75 per cent of bandwidth to prioritize time-sensitive apps like that of browsing and streaming video.

Virgin Media had acquired the necessary equipment earlier in 2008.

Virgin Media also announced faster upload speeds for users by offering up to 5Mbits/ to XXL customers. In addition, the broadband company confirmed an increase for those on lower plans.

As a part of the announced changes, subscribers to "XXL" will for the first time have their connections restricted based on the amount of data they upload.