Teardown of the Apple TV

Making use of the same iOS 4.1 used for all other Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; Apple is due to come up with its App Store functionality very soon.

This new facility is for the Apple TV and is said to be very much like the iPad. Having made an announcement on Sept. 1, this device costs $99. The Apple TV is being said to be dependent on the Apple-designed A4 application processor that powers the iPad.

The 'teardown', of the new Apple TV is said to have given rise to various facts, which imply that this TV is in close proximity to other recent Apple hardware.

Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co. said, "I'm a little disappointed that an App Store didn't make it into this first version, but it'll come. Apps will give consumers a much more media-rich environment than simply consuming content".

While the Apple TV is believed to be using applications currently stocked in the App Store, the display resolution chosen for the TV is said to be very different from the one that is being used for the iPad.

After a teardown of Apple's updated device was put up by Gadget site iFixit, there are speculations that the new device might come out to be the most eco-friendly set-top box.