A Quick Navigation through Google

A new function called keyboard navigation has been introduced by Google in its Instant search.

Users will now be able to quickly navigate by using the up/down/left/right arrow and the Enter key. By scrolling through these keys on their keyboard, users will get to see ever-changing list of search term options.

This special feature is created for speed freaks because fewer mouse-clicks will give faster results and users are definitely going to appreciate it.

There is another interesting feature, which Goggle has come up with, and that is Instant's expansion into Google'sGoogleGoogle. It means that if users search for Videovideovideo and Newsnewsnews, they will happen to see Google Instant results.

The special feature, Google Instant is coming up in Belgium, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland and Austria. However, earlier it was just accessible to U. K., France, U. S., Russia, Spain, Germany and Italy.

The product will soon make its entry in other countries as well, over the next few weeks. In addition to this, it has been revealed by hacker quarterly magazine, 2600 that Google Instant's list of blocked words is growing day by day.

People, who have recently visited Google, must have noticed that there is some change in the functionality of the search engine. Now, users will see the results the way they have typed the words.