Net Neutrality Proposal Abandoned by the House Democrats

The proposed network neutrality rules by the House Commerce Committee Chairman, Henry Waxman, D-Calif have lately been discarded. Having failed to negotiate with the phone, cable and Internet Companies, it has finally been decided that all the efforts were worthless.

The rules had been put forth to disallow the broadband providers from acting as online gatekeepers and avert favoritism.

While the attempt did not fetch much, it has instead given rise to some kind of rivalry between the nation's big phone and cable Companies, and public interest groups and Internet Companies such as Google Inc. and Skype.

Phone and cable Companies like AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp. are now in a conflict with the popular Internet Companies.

There is a dire need to thwart the phone and cable operators from blocking Internet phone calls, online video and other Web services, assert the Public interest groups and Internet Companies.

Contrarily, the phone and cable Companies have been demanding some kind of flexibility to manage network traffic. They say it is important because the high-bandwidth applications usually tend to take control of the capacity, and in turn, slow down their systems.

Gigi Sohn, President of the public interest group Public Knowledge said, "We expect the FCC to do so to carry out one of the fundamental promises of the Obama administration".