Two Senators Back Campaign to Remove Infant Formula Containing GM from Australia’s Shelves

Subsequent to a new research, which revealed genetically-altered components in baby formula, two senators are insisting the Federal Government to tauten its laws on food labelling in Australia.

Greenpeace research discovered that the S-26 Soy brand of infant formula has GM ingredients, but they are not mentioned on the label. Greens Senator, Rachel Siewert feels that Australia's food labelling laws are not enough.

She said that the process is sluggish and is influenced by the big Companies.

The topic has been tabled in the Senate by her, along with Senator Nick Xenophon.

Nick said, "Every parent deserves to know whether the baby formula they're giving to their children contains GM".

The duo has said that they will come up with a joint regulation that will make Australia’s food labelling laws more stringent.

It is reported that the two have joined the horde of angry mothers, and Professor Peter Collignon, to deplore the presence of unlabelled genetically altered foods in Australia’s markets.

Collignon is the Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit and Microbiology Department at Canberra Hospital.

On Monday, small clusters of moms protested at two supermarkets, saying that Coles and Woolworths should get rid of the formula from their stores.